Baby Shower Ideas For Boys

Being pregnant with my baby boy made me realize how much I enjoyed looking forward to the birth of my darling child. That’s when I set out do discover the most fun and precious baby shower ideas in existence!

Before I tell you more about the beautiful baby shower themes and ideas I have uncovered in the recent years. I have become the master of all baby showers in my circle of friends and among by relatives, which is why I am often called in to organize or help throw an amazing baby shower for the expecting mother or couple (in case of a coed baby shower).

No matter whether you are now looking at organizing a shower for a loved one or you are having a dear person through a shower for yourself and would like to give some input on what kind of party you would like to have, I hope that my website will share some of the great information and inspiration I have collected with you.

Baby Shower Invitations

When we plan a baby shower for a boy there are a couple of things that we should keep in mind. There are many ways to host a baby shower, but when we decide to choose something that focuses on the gender like we do here it is important to highlight this through out the different steps of a shower.

This begins with the invitations. Just like with any other baby shower, the invitations you pick will set the tone of the celebration. They will also give you a base to start building the festivities around. While it might seem like there are only a couples of factors to keep in mind when you pick invitations, the most important being the details that revolve around the honoree the truth is the most important aspects of the card that card are what it doesn’t say, but rather shows.

Unlike other types of celebrations a shower is a fun filled day that provides everyone that attends with the excitement that waiting for a new member of the family. That means that the baby boy shower invitations should reflex this as well. And there are plenty of enjoyable ways you can take your theme to suite your guest of honors tastes.

Let’s take a peak at some of the most popular baby shower party types that you can choose from to make your day a real hit.

Sports Baby Showers

Speaking of hits, what better way to celebrate a baby boy shower that with a sports theme? If your planning a shower for a sports fanatic then you can’t go wrong with a sport baby shower.

There are plenty of different options here that it should almost be a category all by itself. It really doesn’t matter what type of sport the soon to be mom loves it is easy to design the baby shower around that sport. While the big three are probably the most common, there are plenty of different options for you to pick from if you need to organize a shower with a different theme.

Here are the most common themes for a sport baby shower:

  1. Football
  2. Basketball
  3. Baseball

But of course those aren’t the only options. You can also organize them around, hockey, or even bowling. There are plenty of supplies at your local party supply store for all but the most obscure sport.

While this might have seemed like an obvious goto for little boys – some hostesses just don’t feel comfortable with this much emphasis on a topic they might not have interest in. In that case you might be interested in the next shower theme.

Nautical Baby Showers

This is a good choice if you will be hosting for a family that loves the water. There are a lot of different ways for you can arrange for a nautical baby shower. We will look at a quick example of what you can do to take this theme a give it the right touch for a little boy. And no, we will not be resorting to the clichéd “Ahoy, it’s a boy” that is making the rounds right now. While it might be cute the first time you look at it, the nautical theme that you are looking for can be better achieved with some more demure choice that makes a bolder statement. Though you might like a sillier option, in which case the first suggestion might be the direction you would like to take the shower.

When you plan a nautical shower for boys it is a good idea to focus on the traditional seaman imagery. This is typically viewed as more masculine and this is the effect that we’re looking for. This includes items like anchors, ropes, sailor caps and similar object that will help you set the tone for the baby shower.

The trick here is to step away and look at it as a whole. Rather than filling every space you have at your disposal with one of these detail, you can place them into the most fitting places.

One example of this would be when you pick out an invitation for the baby shower.

Nautical invitations tend to really only have a single feature. Let’s say you use an anchor as the focus, this will in most cases be the only graphic on the invitation. The rest will be filled with fitting typography, colors or a simple pattern. This helps you really drive the idea of a nautical baby shower home, and it will highlight the baby boy tone you want to embrace well.

But you can do that other ways as well.

Owl Baby Showers

While the owl is typically seen as a gender neutral baby shower animal, there are actually plenty of ways that you can use them to set the tone of just about any shower.

They have become one of the most popular animals you will see featured in modern baby showers. The reason is clear, owls are just so cute. On top of that we attribute a lot of positive emotions and traits to these beautiful birds. Owls have always been seen as wise, composed, and well, adorable. There are plenty of different types of owl and you will often find a number of different types used in the various decorations you have at your disposal.

Unlike the nautical options that we just spoke about, the variety here should really be enjoyed. You can pick from a number of different owl designs creating a fun filled atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.

It is difficult to over do a owl baby shower when it comes to the variety of owls you pick. But there are a few things to keep in mind as you pick out the decorations. These tips can be used for just about any occasion where you need to pick decorations out for a specific topic, not just a baby shower for boys.

When you choose decorations it is important to have a strong sense of color combinations. As long as your colors don’t clash, the print is less important. That means you can get aways with lots of fun prints without overwhelming the decor. If you find that you have a certain piece selected that does not match you can find a complimentary color to connect the different pieces.

You might even find that the decorations work better like this than alone.

An owl baby shower is a fun and relatively free style you can plan for. If you need a little bit of freedom when it comes to planning the shower this might be a good option. One of the nice aspects that you might not yet realize is that they also work great when you don’t know which direction you want to the the baby boy shower. When you pick an owl theme you aren’t boxing yourself into a corner as with the first to examples.

Would you like another example that give you the same freedom?

Co-ed Baby Showers

One of the great things about a baby shower for boys is that it gives you a great opportunity to throw a couples shower. These are really the true essence of what you want for a baby boy shower. These offer a lot of opportunities that might not be as appropriate otherwise. You might have heard about this type of shower under a different name. Here are some of the different ways couples have celebrated the baby shower together.

  • BaByQ or BBQ Shower
    These are a fun way to have a co-ed shower when the weather permits. Even if you don’t have a chance to have hold a BaByQ there are other ways for you to make the co-ed shower work to your favor.
  • Couples Shower
    These are pretty much the same thing as the first option, but they don’t set the focus on the BBQ. Instead they organize a shower around the couple. While good food is common, it is of a different sort.

While this is a popular type of shower when you’re having a baby. It isn’t the only type, and it may not be right for everybody. When that is the case you can set your sights on a fun alternative.

Safari Baby Showers

If you’re looking for a fun filled day with lions, tigers, and bears you will love the idea of a safari baby shower. They make a simple, flexible theme that you can push and pull into just about any direction. It is great fun knowing that you can embrace all of the things that you like about the different animal options in one menagerie of a shower.

Though it might seem like a bit of a stretch, you have a lot of options when it comes to picking out the animals for your safari. That means if you want to veer off the beaten path you can add animals that might not be so native to Africa, after all it is your safari.

When it comes to the safari baby shower for a little boy it is important to keep colors in mind. You can focus on yellow, orange and brown, all three give you great opportunities to combine them and they all fit well with boys.

Even More Showers

We have highlighted a number of really popular baby shower options for boys. You have learned how to plan one around a certain theme and pick the fitting accessories to compliment it.

The different styles you’ve just read about are only a small sample of all of the different style you can choose from. If you’re hungry for me keep browsing the website to find more inspiration. A baby shower is individual as the people who are involved in organizing it. The shower ideas you’ll find on this page are here to help you find inspiration and help you get going in the right direction. If you have questions, comments, or you would like to share some ideas of your own we would love to hear from you.